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Funkwerk direkt – Ihr direkter Kontakt
Funkwerk direkt – Ihr direkter Kontakt

Warden round guidance and control system

Optional software module for funktel DSS

The warden round software module enables a completely novel organisation of warden service operations. The comprehensive control and logging functions provided by the funktel DSS system are completed here by active and automatic guidance of the wardens.

"Man is creature of habit" -in the past, this simple truth has made more than one warden system vulnerable: Especially recurring procedures can be spied out and used for criminal purposes. The warden round soft ware module helps in breaking just those habits.

  • Saved warden rounds can be selected and defined either manually or by chance; the system enables directing and monitoring several warden rounds at the same time
  • Warden rounds can be modified comfortably to suit current needs, e.g. leaving out certain places or a change of order
  • Interruption or cancellation of warden rounds
  • When passing by a checkpoint, the warden is shown the next point to go and the time allowed to go there on the display of his handset
  • Required measures are automatically set and displayed at the right place and at the right time
  • Passing by a checkpoint is automatically reported to the operator console, monitored and logged along with place and time
  • Alarms are displayed on the warden control workstation monitor and on the webnet-gms® client
  • Decentralised time clocks and round cards are not needed anymore