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Personal security - Overview

Whether in industrial environments, medical care, or mandatory public sector security zones: everywhere where your staff are exposed to risk, the paramount priority is to identify these risks and take preventative measures.

The more mobile the workplace and the fewer people present in a hazardous zone, the more urgent the recommendation for radio-supported personal security systems: they don’t restrict normal working activities, enable exact locating, and when worn on the body, even allow automatic messaging when the person wearing the equipment is no longer behaving in the expected way.

With well over 40 years of experience in radio-supported security systems, funktel GmbH is the market leader in Germany, and installs systems around the world. From personal security in the oilfields of the Near East, to securing extensive industrial complexes, or backing up staff security in psychiatric clinics: funktel supplies systems with extremely high levels of availability that can be adapted to accommodate every feasible environment and situation – naturally also as complete systems with control panels and building management functions.

The modern digital funktel systems also support the seamless integration of messaging and telephony, and set benchmarks in ergonomics and transparency, in the industrial sector in particular.

We supply personal security systems on the basis of different radio technologies:

Our systems are naturally also certified pursuant to international occupational safety specifications. A broad spectrum of system components and accessories ensures their problem-free use even in tough environments – whether machine shops, explosion-hazard zones, or hazardous isolated workplaces in the external sites of energy companies.

Our high quality is demonstrated by our product standards and our quality management certfications.